AGORAKickstart your creative idea

AGORA Agora is a program for young people who have a good idea with a focus the cultural and creative industries that they want to make a reality!


Sometimes you just need that extra push to take the next step. Therefore STPLN together with four other organisations started AGORA. With a year’s long mentorship program alongside four international training courses in Sweden, UK, Romania and Greece and we give kreative ideas a kickstart!  

The partner organizations have a vast range of experiences in the creative industries. So participants will get loads of knowledge about business and project development, funding opportunities, production and events management, contemporary dance and arts, as well as interactive project design and social innovation. And more... Right now we have four Swedish participants that have startat their journey towards the creative industry.




Right now 13 people are kickstarting creative ideas in Sweden, Romania, Greece and UK.


CakeFace Workshops (UK)

CakeFace Workshops is a creative project delivering ten soft skills sessions to young people aged 16-24 in Islington, London to help inspire and engage local communities to aim higher and reach goals.

By: Merium Bhuiyan


Look Up (UK)

Look Up is a app for supporting the local in your city. It will highlight local businesses, charities and landmarks that anyone living or visiting simply needs to see! A key focus of Look Up is that it is ran by local young people in each community. Pioneered with Yellow House, an arts youth organisation in Liverpool

By: Jonny Hesketh


Life Pool (UK)

Life Pool is an online network designed to unite local artists, performers and event organisers; geared towards making the professional life of those in the creative industries more fluid. Going artists, actors, writers, musicians, dancers, directors, venue wonders, curators, producers, choreographers and designers a shared space to 'swim around.' The goal is to dive in, connect with each other and get art on its feet in front of audiences - where it belongs.

By: Adam Baker


DeCipher (UK)

This project aims to provide an alternative platform for learning mathematics. Using influence from artistic practices and Realistic Mathematics Education, a package of workshops and resources will be developed to convey mathematical concepts. These workshops will be delivered in non-educational, community spaces and will be open to all ages. Image: attached (credit: Elmi Ali)

By: Keisha Thompson


Folkkök (SWE)

Folkkök is a vegan/freegan donation-based brunch that celebrate community through food! Together we make a meal out of saved and own grown ingredients. Most part of the events have a workshop or activity to take part of.

We want to explore sustainable food cooking and use food as a way to bring people together and learn from each others experiences.

By: Tove Niskakari


Sävligheten (SWE)

Sävligheten is a publishing house and a record label based in Malmö, Sweden. Our aim is to combine two fields of art that seldom mix: music and poetry. By offering a selection of carefully handpicked poets and musicians and presenting it together in the form of a zine and casette, we believe a conceptual feeling will emerge. Although the pieces weren't created for each other, something happens when they are combined.

By: Felix Sjöblom


(s)Well (SWE)

My illness and I are celebrating our 10-year anniversary. During my 29th year of life there is a risk that I will go into a deep depression where I don't want to live anymore, despite loving life. By using the various artistic expressions and tools I have picked up during my 10 years outside of the branch I am exploring my illness and investigating the perfect way in which to be ill.

By: Johanna Hahn


Fernanda (SWE)

I am interested in merging theoretical knowledge with practical implementation and co-founded the organization Urbana Frirum. In our first project Caroli Park, a former church was temporarily turned into an indoor park. Like this, theory was turned into practice and practice informed our research. Now I am working on a new coaching/workshop concept that incorporates research drive and theory building into project management.

By: Fernanda Jaraba Molt


Katerina (GR)

My project aims at creating a dance platform that will encourage independent dancers and choreographers to conduct research and exhibit their work in different frameworks and audiences in collaboration with different fields of art such as visual arts and music.

By: Katerina Giannouli


Mosaic Community Project (GR)

People of different sex, age, cultural backround, abilities and disabilities can work together making a mosaic mural. They can leave their personal imprint while being part of the bigger image. A diverse group of people is reflected on the symbol of unity between different elements such as a mosaic piece always is.

By: Kalliopi Kalaitzidou


ArtCrawl Cluj (ROU)

Wouldn’t it be great if a local showed you to the most interesting cultural spaces and events in town? ArtCrawl Cluj is meant to encourage out-of-towners discover the diverse local contemporary art scene – a guide to the exhibition spaces, as well as the art. Exhibitions, performances, dance and theatre. Your guide will be Helga, an art history major and passionate art mediator.

All tours include art mediation - a facilitated dialogue with the viewer to stimulate personal perspectives on the art.

By: HelgaThies


Samos (ROU)

Samoș is an online platform designed to deliver a freshly curated list of events in Cluj, Romania.

As browsing through Facebook event lists or festival websites with dozens of performances is a time consuming activity for many people, the goal of Samoș is to make this process easier.

By: Oana Grebenișan


Melinen Open Space (GR)

Melinen is a textile company based in Athens, GR with 50 years of history. The aim of this project is to expand Melinen's acitivities from products to services. My vision is to create an open space, a meeting point for the creative people, an inspirational space of common ideas. My goal is to share the story of textiles thought raise awareness of recycling and reusing them, reveal the history of the raw materials and explore how we can use them creatively! What textiles means to you?

By: Stephanie Constantopoulos


Monster the Fear (GR)

We cannot allow the monsters in our minds to control us.The aim of this project is to use art, such as painting and SFX makeup to heal phobias.

By working with mental health professionals and travelling all over the world i hope to help people master their fears and live their lives to the fullest.

By: Eleni Spinou


AGORA is a partnership between STPLN (SWE), SwIdeas (SWE), In Place of War(UK), Fotoessa IKE (GR) och Fabricia de Pensule (ROU) and is cofinanced by Erasmus+.