Klusters releasefest + secret guest | Plan B - Malmö
to Jun 16

Klusters releasefest + secret guest | Plan B - Malmö


Rama Lama Records presents ... 

Cluster - 'civic' releasefest! 
Plan B - Malmö 21-03
80 kr. 
Live: Cluster + Secret Band
DJs: Rama Lama
Karaoke After Live Music! 

Note: Plan B is a member club. Read more here: https://www.kollektivetrecords.com/planbegin.html

On June 15, Malmö Band Kluster releases its debut album civic via Rama Lama Records. That same evening, this is celebrated on Plan B with there besides Kluster a secret act (which we dare claim is one of Malmö's best) will play! Klusters 'civic' is released on all platforms and limited red vinyl (100 ex) which will of course be available for sale in the evening.

This event will probably happen during Plan B's last weekend as we know it, read more about the situation here and continue to support Sweden's best club: https://www.kollektivetrecords.com/ett-par-punkare.html

https: //open.spotify.com/artist/6EMIaxHWKpKECFjDKOqHfO?si=qN-98xVIT5qjxR18P407lQ
Kluster was formed in Malmö 2014 by four friends and a virtual drummer. They soon became five friends and have since played several times in Malmö, Berlin, Copenhagen and Stockholm, and supported Frankie Cosmos and Nicole Sabouné. During the spring, the singles of the band have been celebrated by Line of Best Fit, HYMN, P3 and others. and on June 15th it's finally time for debut album civic.

Civic is a show of Kluster's playful world, moving freely in influences from pop, punk, noise, lo-fi, indie to jazz. Parts of the band's members have a past as a school jazz musician but sought to find a collective process free of game rules and the narrow-mindedness of the academic world. Something that resulted in an erroneous and intertwined band that switches between melodious and dissonant, complex and simple, in a manner that causes clusters to protrude.

On June 15, the debut album civic is released digitally and on limited red vinyl at the Stockholm-based indie company Rama Lama Records (Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes, Cat Princess, Melby, etc.), which is also the first full-length label of the label. The debut album has been recorded in well-known Tambourine Studios and is a eleven track long show of clusters how experimental and easily accessible can interact in the best possible way.

The band about civic: "The music on civic could be resembled an insight into a long process that started well before the album's appearance and still has a good deal since then - a kind of sampling of our work and our band, which works more like a catalyst than a search for a clear expression. The songs themselves deal with different situations, feelings of emotions and people who are thought of in the sound, about things that have taken the thought business occasionally, consciously or unconsciously. civic is a downturn in everyday and everyday, changing and resistant "

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