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Spazio Records releasefest: Joakim Cosmo, Helltown Acid Militia


Spazio Records is about to release new disc - and of course it will be celebrated

Probably, many texts about Joakim Cosmo's musical act have begun with various intergalactic references. A cosmonaut of a tonality, the most worthy waxer of the world, and so forth. But the question is whether Cosmos's forthcoming EP 'Morning Train from Malmö' is best described in more terrestrial terms. The contents of the five tracks suggest that the EP is more prepared for the post-peak car than the Skåne railway network. The traces that commute between sour Chicago to proto house have a common denominator - we go straight into the soul of the soul. Of course we celebrate this on June 16, of course with Cosmo himself behind the levers !! 

To season the evening a little extra, Cosmo takes with her good friends; Helsingborg's perhaps best kept secret. Consisted by the two synthesizers Henrik and Paul, Helltown Acid Militia is exactly what it sounds like: Militant Acid from the Pearl of the Strait. The 16th adjoins this synthetic civil defense to present a live-set that the enemy will soon forget !! 

Location: Inkonst
Price: 80 pix
Opening: 00-05 (!)