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WORKSHOP: No.3: Through Darkness and Light with Dante

How does Dante in his Divine Comedy speak of each one of us? What can we learn from Dante that will guide us in our own life?

This workshop will follow Dante’s journey from the Inferno to the Paradiso, taking the participants from facing their own shadow to the transformation of the dark aspects of the psyche into the light potential of the Self.

These events are part of the project "On Life and Meaning", that will span over a period of 8 months, covering different subjects related to psychological well-being and human evolution, as found in psychology, mythology, philosophy, literature and arts. 

This project is conducted by Karina Minda. She studied Clinical Psychology and Transpersonal Psychotherapy. Her areas of interest are: philosophy, psychology, mythology, and arts; and the primary objective of her work is to help people bring more awareness into their lives and to take responsibility for their identities, freedom and happiness.

*Price 150 SEK

Earlier Event: January 11
Bilfri Innerstad Malmö: Uppstartsmöte 2
Later Event: January 22