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Inner Kaleidoscope (part 2)

Workshop explores the connections between inner and outer world, similarities and differences, images and reflections of our being. In two day meetings we will search different ways to discover this space in us, which is often forgotten in accelerating rhythm of everyday life. We will learn how to become aware of "feedback loops".

Elements of the work: Attention, level and quality of energy, communication with oneself and the others; harmonization of thought, speech and action; movement (internal and external), importance of making mistakes.

Svetlana Ivanov, actress and theatre pedagogue; through the experience in contemporary theater (Plavo Theater, POD Theater, Association Mirage) develops her work with a focus on the quality of presence, the elements of play and possibilities of improvisation, as well as integration of thought, emotion and action. 

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The deadline for applications is 20 September 2017

Earlier Event: September 26
Inner Kaleidoscope