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Intro to drawing: observation, technique and precision

This course is designed to teach you to draw based on the concepts of Betty Edwards "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" (1979) mixed with practices that have helped me in my practice over the past 11 years. The process of drawing requires observation; it is knowing with the eyes, understanding the subject and feeling them with all of your senses--creating an intimacy between the observer and the forms of the observed. This process allows the eye to guide the hand. We will seek to achieve a profound observation technique to gradually help overcome symbol systems set from childhood and work with exercises that help us to create a connection with the observed.

In this course we will work with a live model. Drawing the human figure is central to the learning process that helps to establish relationships between measurement and proportion while getting closer to naturalness in movement and body weight. It is very easy to realise every slight error or distortion in the drawing by how well we know the human body. For this reason, learning to draw with live models can lead to a level of precision and observation that, over time, gives us the experience and technique to draw anything else.

Classes will be given by Joery Santos Gomez every wednesday

24 Oct - 28 nov
150 SEK x session

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