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Folkkök - STPLN

This is a vegan/freegan together-cooking/Knytis/Potluck style dinner-party/workshop!

Let's celebrate community through food! 

Feel free to join us from 4/6 pm to 7 pm to experiment and 
cocreate delicious food together. And share some of your vegan food / meat-alternative secrets with us! 

Write in the event or in a PM if you want to help to save food, go food-shopping, have ideas you want to try for decorating the tables, make a music-list, want to make a crafts-table, do a cooking-dance, try lazercut food or what ever beautiful idea you have, this is a evening made of us as a community ♥

Please do!... bring food you have prepared at home to share! 

And or the dinner we prepare here will be ready at 7 pm. 

After dinner, video documentary screenings, watercoloring, origami folding and "do it yourself, together" crafting!

We will also be accepting donations for food costs and to invest in future folkkök events :)

here is some inspiration from folkkök umeå...

And from San Francisco....

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