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Lunch Talks No° 04: Creative Hubs of Europe

We visited the European Creative Hubs Network conference in Brussels this month to learn and participate in the discussion on growing scene of cultural hubs. 

Creative hubs are spaces that can be physical or digital, creative and multidisciplinary, unites inspires and promotes a community and are mission-led & local impact oriented. The European Creative Hubs Network is made up of 200 different hubs around Europe of different sizes and forms. It's a space to share ideas and methods, to represent the growing phenomena of these spaces both on the ground and on a policy level. Come and find out what we found out!

Lunch Talks are easy going free talks open to the public organized by STPLN on everything from bikes to art to coding to politics. Bring your own lunch, sit down, listen and have a chat!

(Do you have something you want to share? Let's know and we'll arrange a lunch talk!)

To learn more about the ECHN, visit: