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Workshop Wednesdays #7: Getting Crafty!



Let’s make stuff! 

Welcome to a space where we’ll be getting crafty and glitter-gluey, paint stained and creative. Do you want to pimp your latest outfit? Sew a new pair of leggings? Decorate your hat? Bead a necklace? Knit some socks? Maybe you have a project that you never come around to do, maybe you’ve never done anything crafty before and want to try it out or maybe you’re like me and just think that it’s fun to be around other creative people and do stuff.

Sabina Tennivaara


Free! Donations are most welcome as all proceeds go to future workshops and Malmö Noden's current project of co-creating a non-profit cultural space in Malmö.


You’ll have to bring the materials to whatever it is that you want to do this wednesday yourself as well as the tools you need. 

If you feel like it, also bring a snack to share with the others. If you have any questions or need ideas on what to make, or what you need to make your crafty project become a reality, feel free to ask in the comments or PM me (Sabina) and I’ll do my best to answer.

We have a playlist for the occasion: please add your favourite tune to it! 

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Malmö Noden aims to organise weekly workshops every Wednesday about everything from communication to dance, crafts to meditation, music to art, personal development to something you can't even imagine!

Expect playfulness, a welcoming atmosphere, new friends and a chance to explore something you've always wanted to learn, or something you never even knew you needed in your life.

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WHAT IS Malmö Noden?
Malmö Noden is an open association with the aim of establishing a cultural space for co-creation in Malmö! 

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