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Workshop Wednesdays #8: Circling!

Welcome to the second edition of circling at Workshop Wednesdays! This time the event will be facilitated by Peter Munthe-Kaas, with support from Rosanna Ra.


Circling is a practice that revolves around connection, understanding and a deep authenticity between people. It involves bringing a greater awareness and appreciation into our connections with others by focusing on what is happening in the now.

By zooming in, slowing down and bringing a meditative like acceptance and awareness to what’s happening in the moment between us Circling creates an unexpected and powerful magic. This is deep work that impacts on multiple levels and at the same time is refreshingly simple and practical.

The practice enables the participants to get better in touch with their bodies and emotions, and being able to communicate your desires more clearly. It involves a growth in sensitivity and empathy with other people and can stimulate completely new experiences of being.

No previous experience with circling is required to participate.

Peter Munthe-Kaas
Rosanna Ra


Free! Donations are most welcome as all proceeds go to future workshops and Malmö Noden's current project of co-creating a non-profit cultural space in Malmö.


Circling is not a fixed practice that can be learned, which means that I consider myself to be journeying in this with the rest of you. These days my core focus is going deeper into surrender to the unknown and daring to be with my experience when I cannot explain it to myself.

I have written a bit about my experiences since I first found circling around 3 years ago, on my blog:½-years-with-circling/

See you next Wednesday!

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