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Personal Development Group

Personal development is a key component of a healthy and happy life. This group is suited for those who want to make a change in their lives and take responsibility for their happiness. 

The approach used for the group is transpersonal psychotherapy. This has a holistic perspective of the human being and goes beyond the personal aspects, being focused on the development of the Self. We will combine methods from different branches of psychology such as: transpersonal psychotherapy, integral psychology, dream-work, Pneuma System, art-therapy and group therapy, creating a unique context in which you can explore your inner live and connect with the abilities and qualities that will lead you towards a healthier and happier life.

This group will be conducted by Karina Minda, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist licensed by the College of Psychologist from Romania. Psychology is part of her life for more than 8 years and since 2013, when she discovered Transpersonal Psychotherap, she began a profound inner journey towards the center of her being. Since then, the primary objective of her work is to help people be aware of who they are, start their journey to freedom and take responsibility for their own life.


Price: 2000 kr for all 10 sessions or 250 kr/session
*for the best outcome, we recommend that you register with the intention of participating to all the sessions
Limited number of places!
Last registration day: 17th of September