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Free Flow: Jungle Mystery


Join us on a journey deep into the moist, dense and lush mysterious jungle. Create your spiritual path with movement as your mind takes a hike through the unpredictable forest. Subtle whispers from old trees, fierce roars of forgotten animals and unforgiving rainstorms will pave your experience.

In the jungle you are never alone. As you seek out its secrets, you will soon come to realize that you are too, a mystery being watched by thousands of creepy-crawlies in disguise.

We will show you. Lost cities. Yellow eyes. Ancient tribes. Roots that stretches deep into the dark and living earth. You are invited to be a part of this soundinescapable macabre dance of recreation into and through the deepest parts of the jungle.

See you there.

🐅🐆🐊🐦Note! Dressing up is optional and encouraged! 🐒🐸🐍🐛

DJ: Tomy Jama
Genre mix: heavy jungle beats, shamanic drum awakenings, tropical deep house, tribal, pure nature sounds
Tease: "Journey into the harem"
Location: Stora Salen @ STPLN - Stapelbädden



Free flow in Malmö is inspired by the weekly free flow at Noden in Stockholm, that has been around for two years. It is a dance practice where all are teachers and all are students. Rather than learning steps, we develop our own rhythms and techniques to connect with and express ourselves. Enter a safe and judgement free environment where, moving from a place of kindness and compassion, the only other boundaries are the ones you choose for yourself.

Come to connect, come to let out pent-up stress or emotions, or come to just be and let the music flow through.

Each session will follow a theme, and we welcome you to interpret that in any way, be it through movement, dress or attitude.

We want to honor and promote radical self-expression through free flowing dance, and therefore these three principles will guide our way through each session:

- Movement. Challenge your movement in new ways.
- Silence. No conversations on the dance floor.
- Safety. Respect each other’s space and integrity.

(No Photos or videos on the dancefloor, to let people flow without worries.)

Free flow is not for profit. All co-creators and attendees share the rent of the space and potential surplus goes to Malmö Noden.

This event is organized by Malmö Noden ( We are a community that strives to get our own place in Malmö to create events like free flow and many other together. If you want to host a workshop or other event, get in contact with us.

So excited to flow with you!

Free flow crew

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