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Pundora's box

Alright, time for a lesson in greek mythology. So once again Zeus was mad at humanity for some nonsense reason, therefore he came up with a plan to torture mankind.

He told some of the other greek gods to create this beautiful woman called Pundora. Next to beautiful, Pundora was also very stubborn and curious. She was given a box and was told the box contains special gifts by the gods , but guess what, she was not allowed to open it. After a while, poor, curious Pundora could not bare it anymore and decided to open the box. Doing so, she released all the dad jokes, puns and countless other plays on words into the world, putting humanity in an endless stream of suffering. The suffering consists of a mix of complications opening the box brought with it, such as awkward silence, lost friendships, laughing by yourself, war, disappointment and many more. And all because someone was not able to mind their own business, thanks a lot, Pundora.

This exhibition showcases various examples of what has escaped the dangerous box of Pundora, which is actually a jar but turned into a box due to translation errors. 

Side effects of the exhibition might include:

– Shaking your head.

– Laughing tears.

– The small nose exhale one does when something is not funny enough for a loud laugh.

– A loud laugh.

– Snorting.

– Anger.

– Saying »It's not that funny« out loud. 

– Confusion.

– Questioning the purpose of life.

Artist: Maximilian Bauer

Later Event: March 17
Repair Cafe Malmö