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On life and meaning: Childhood experiences and adult relationships

Childhood experiences and their effects on adult relationships
Prof. Jure Biechonski (psychotherapist)

Due to childhood events you might not remember your younger years, you feel like somebody has stolen your childhood as a result you find yourself in toxic relationships and you only accept the love you think you deserve.

You develop a fearful attachment and a fearful avoidant attachment, finding it hard to trust or be dependent on others. As a result of lack of trust you might develop irrational jealousy. You feel like you don’t deserve love at all. You might also develop anxious preoccupied attachment which can manifest itself in fear of rejection, fear of vulnerability. You might become passive aggressive developing fear of anger, feeling you are never good enough. You might find yourself on an emotional roller coaster having difficulty in making decisions, implosive behaviour, and anger outburst.

You don’t know who you are.

By trying hard not to repeat childhood patterns in your adult family life, you find yourself unconsciously transferring your childhood experiences in to your adult relationships and your own children.

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