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Sunday brunch with Folkkök

Welcome to Sunday brunch!

As usual
Feel free to join us from 11-13 to co-create delicious food together and share some of your vegan food / meat-alternative secrets with us. The brunch starts at 13.00.
Please do!...bring some food you have prepared at home to share, or ingredients to cook at STPLN.

We will be accepting donations, that goes to buying ingredients and invest in future folkkök events.

What is Folkkök?
Folkkök is a vegan/freegan donation-based dinner that celebrate community through food! Everyone and anyone are welcome to come and to help out in the way they can, by saving food, decorating the table, preparing a dish, holding a workshop or cleaning up afterwards. The event is made and shaped by the people that is participating. Folkkök goal is to be sustainable and together find ways to waste as little as possible.

Folkkök often has a theme, that is shaped by the knowledge found from the people that are coming to the event. Anyone can come with an idea of a workshop in for example crafts, dancing, a jam-session, a talk or a concert. You don’t have to be an expert to teach, we share what we know and learn together as we go.

Food Savers Malmö
We collaborate with the Food Savers Malmö and with a bakery that donate ingredients that otherwise would be wasted.

Folkkök garden
With start from 2019 we are cityfarming to eat local home-grown vegetables and herbs at the events. This is a collaboration with STPLN. If you are interested in helping out, write us!

Have an idea or want to help out more?
Contact us at: