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International womens day workshop

Precious Plastic Sweden invites you to an open workshop on International Womens Day, Friday 8th March between 15.00-19.00 at STPLN to make women's symbols out of 100% recycled plastic.

International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women as well as to recognize gender inequality and women's situation throughout the world. The day also marks a call to action and this year’s theme is ‘BalanceforBetter’.

Precious Plastic Sweden invites you to help us create a better, more balance world in how we utilise plastics.

4-8% of global fossil fuel is used to make plastics(1). During extraction, transportation and combustion, this causes emissions of greenhouse gases, which contributes to global warming and climate change.

Statistically speaking, women contribute less to greenhouse gas emissions but are more affected by climate change in comparison to men(2).

We at Precious Plastic Sweden, believe that if we reduce the use of plastic, to make the use of resources more efficient and by making methods for recycling plastics available, we can also contribute to curbing gender inequality. On the contrary, increased gender equality is also a prerequisite for democratic and sustainable development.

To support and celebrate International Women's Day, we will be hosting a drop in workshop to create women symbols out of 100% recycled plastic. So come join us, meet new people, celebrate and talk about women’s rights and how we can create a more sustainable environment!

There will also be some fika :)

You can’t make it? Help us by sharing the event! Follow us on Instagram:, or support us through any donation via swish: 1236692743

Hope to see you on Friday!

Stay Tuned & Stay Precious