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Alternative Yoga Workshop

A 10 weeks unique program in Alternative Yoga where Yogasnas, Satsang, Meditation and Breathing Exercises is taught with a weekly session of 60 minutes each.
The workshop is meant to inspire people to adopt more healthy & sustainable lifestyle through well-developed and scientifically proven yoga techniques.

Price List (after 50% discount):

Individual session: 150 Kr
Whole course: 10 sessions with Introduction: 1500 Kr

Individual session: Student, pensioner, jobless: 125 Kr
Whole course: Student, pensioner, jobless: 1250 Kr

Payment option: Swish - 0722812084 or Cash


Apurva Prasanna is a Yoga Guru engaged in teaching healthy lifestyle and stress management at a group level for past many years. She is a certified yoga teacher with a decade of teaching various yoga techniques. Currently, she is conducting mindfulness, yoga and breathing workshops at Lund University and at several corporate offices in Lund and Malmö.

Her specialties include Yogasnas, Fitness, Wellness, Mindfullness, Breathing techniques, and Desktop yoga, which help people to improve their concentration and manage stress levels. In past, she has been conducting yoga, wellness and fitness workshops in the University of Glasgow, Scotland.

Rakesh Singh is a yoga guru who is engaged in experimental yoga and pranayama for more than two decades. He has a formal training in yoga and meditation when he was 10 years old and has a vast experience of practicing and experimenting various forms of yoga, pranayama and kiryas.

His specialties include individual need based specific (customized) alternative yoga sessions, which include combination of Satsang, Mindfullness, Heartfullness, breathing and relaxation techniques to help improve an overall lifestyle.