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Lunch Talks N° 18: The legal framework of upcycling and reuse

Lunch Talks are easy going free talks open to the public organized by STPLN on everything from bikes to art to coding to politics. Bring your own lunch, sit down, listen and have a chat. We’ll serve coffee!

Let’s talk! – about what?
The transition towards a circular economy challenge the legal framework of what we today se as waste. Circular designers and circular projects need a better understanding of how their recourses and products fit into today’s framework, and how the legal framework progress in this field. Xue Kullenius, a legal-minded project manager at Sysav Utveckling, will during this talk give us valuable knowledge to better understand the legal hierarchy for waste management, household-waste, industrial waste and EPR-system. What about more reuse and upcycle? Let´s talk about the challenges, and more important, about the opportunities.

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