Extra Rummet is a room at STPLN dedicated to media and arts-based creations. The room is a part of the STPLN ecosystem, complementing the free drop-in office Elbow Room and the Malmö Makerspace, also located in the same building.

The room is 30m2 and consists of:

-An architects table

-Lightbox and animating table

-A2 Paper Guillotine

-Photo studio (Black, White and Chroma-green backdrops 2.7m wide, softbox, tripod)

Extra Rummet is based on the pop-up, pop-down culture - meaning that at the end of each day the room needs to be set back to its original setting. It is possible to store some things in the room (i.e. material, equipment) for a short time but STPLN does not accept liability for this in case of theft, damage, etc.

Interested in booking the room?