Folkkök STPLN

Folkkök is a vegan/freegan donation-based brunch that celebrate community through food! 

Together we make a meal out of saved and own grown ingredients. Most part of the events have a workshop or activity to take part of.

We want to explore sustainable food cooking and use food as a way to bring people together and learn from each others experiences.

Folkkök translated is peoples kitchen.

Freegan means that you eat vegan food but if the food is saved you can eat it anyway.  


Every second Sunday, (non even weeks) kl 11-16. We start eating kl 13.00 and the workshop/activity starts sort of 14.00. Sometime we change day to a Thursday or Friday evening if it fits the workshop/activity better. Keep an eye on the event and witch workshop/activity is happening on STPLN:s calendar or on Folkköks Facebook.