In Retrospect is an artist-in-residence program at STPLN that explores art as a multi-sensory experience.

Breaking free from visual culture, it is a space dedicated to the forgotten senses. 


In Retrospect is the residency program at STPLN that explores the notion of art as a multi sensory experience.  Breaking free from a heavily visual culture, residents are invited for two months to develop a project that explores the incorporation of the other four senses into a final piece. Invited artists can be working across creative mediums, including (but not limited to) film, photography, performance, sonic arts, culinary arts, immersive installation and digital platforms.

No sense exists in isolation from the other senses, the body, and one’s personal experience in a specific culture.
— Francesca Bacci & David melcher, Art and the Senses



STPLN is located in the southern Swedish city of Malmö. An international environment with a vibrant up-and-coming culture scene, STPLN is a creative hub offering different resources and facilities. Volunteers will have access to a Makerspace (lazer-cutting, 3d printing, wood workshop, electronics workshop, screen printing and textiles); a recycle and redesign material center; an analog media lab (film photography and analog music production); a bicycle kitchen; a co-working space and a fully equipped 200m2 event hall. 

During his exchange at STPLN, Zagreb-based filmmaker Mario Mlakar filmed an intimate day-in-the-life of STPLN to be presented at the European Creative Hubs Network closing conference. See more of his work here

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Smart Urhiofe / 

a new face

Smart Urhiofe is an artist and menswear designer based in London, UK. For his one-month residency (April-May 2017) at STPLN he decided to revisit his early drawing style and apply it to some famous and recognisable artists portraits. His drawings will then be screen-printed onto t-shirts to be showcased during the final week of the project.


21 (1).jpg

Saša Aleksandar / 

turn trash into art


What brought me to work with återSKAPA and to support this amazing place is the environmental message that återSKAPA represents; reusing, recreating and rethinking, how we use objects around us and the impact we have on the planet, berättar han.