Precious Plastic Sweden

The world is drowning in plastic waste. Contrary to popular belief Sweden is one of the most unsustainable countries on the planet. As a nation we are using far too many resources as well as producing an unacceptable level of greenhouse gas emissions. 

Precious Plastic Sweden aims to raise awareness about these issues on a national level and provide small-scale solutions on a local community-based level. At STPLN we are currently involved in setting up a RE-MAKER space were everyone is welcome to come an transform their plastic waste in to new precious objects. The machines are based on open-source designs developed by Precious Plastics, a organisation founded in the Netherlands in 2013.  

As of now the shredder and extruder are fully operational but we still need to construct the injection and compression machines. Once these are build, the RE-MAKER Space is open to anyone who enjoys turning their trash into treasures.  

If you are interested and want to learn more, join us on Tuesday evenings from 18.00-21.00 when we brainstorm, work with projects related to our mission, build machines, and learn more about durability.


Stay tuned and stay precious!