STPLN is a platform to produce, experiment with and share culture.
We are able to offer a temporary and flexible space to develop and bring ideas to life.

Here, you can get access to useful resources and support with the development of your idea. Our space can be used by independent producers, organizers, artists and other people with a clear, creative idea in need of a facility. We accept proposals for projects that are in the areas of arts, technology and innovation, crafts and education. We like projects that are interdisciplinary (merging fields), original, exploratory, socially responsible and entrepreneurial.



*Sometimes we turn down projects. This may be because the project falls outside of our areas focus or lack the above-mentioned attributes.  
We also strive for a balance between different forms of expression and players to get a quality and diverse program.

*It is free to use our space for events that are open to the public. If you intend to use the space for private use, you can also rent the space.  

*We do not allow so-called member parties or other club-like arrangements where visitors bring their own drinks.  Serving of alcohol in connection with gigs or concerts takes place only if the organizer is looking for a temporary license.